Top 10 Ways To Know Your Man Is Cheating

Top 10 Ways To Know Your Man Is Cheating On You

top 10 ways to know your man is cheating on you

If you are a woman who suspects that your man may be engaged in an affair with someone else, you’ll need to be able to recognize the warning signs. Our top 10 ways to know your man is cheating on you are presented below for your reading pleasure. If you recognize several of these within your own relationship, then it might be worthwhile to do a bit of investigating to find out what’s really going on with your man.

Top 10 ways to know your man is cheating

10) He Changes His Appearance

Men who have recently begun a relationship with another girl may begin dressing up out of the blue. If your guy suddenly begins wearing dressy clothing when he says he’s going out with friends, he could be going out on dates instead.

9) He Changes His Smell

If he begins suddenly wearing nice cologne, he may be trying to attract someone else’s attention.

8) He Begins Working Late

This is one of the most overt signs. Men who are evasive about why they have to work late in the first place will
have some explaining to do.

7) He Becomes Distant

Men who stop talking to their girlfriends are usually hiding something. If the coldness extends to sexual
intimacy, it’s a good sign he’s lost interest and is thinking of moving on.

6) He Leaves the Room to Take a Phone Call

If he previously had no problems answering the phone in front of you but now is desperate to get away for his
conversations, then there is something he doesn’t want you to know.

5) He’s Frequently Irritable

When your man becomes defensive at even the most minor of questions, he’s on edge. Refusing to answer certain questions without erupting in anger is a bad sign.

4) You Find Foreign Objects in His Car

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of all. Clothes, cigarettes, or other items that belong neither to you nor
him are signs of an affair.

3) He Refuses to See Your Family

This one is motivated by guilt. He knows he’s being unfaithful and feels bad about it.

2) He is Often Short on Money

Lacking cash could be caused by a number of different reasons. However, if he has the same job and has not
recently made any emergency expenditures, he could be using it on date nights with another woman.

1) He No Longer Says “I Love You”

Most men who cheat will no longer be able to utter this most intimate of phrases to the one they are betraying.
Tread carefully and be ready to end the relationship.

Top 10 ways to know your man is cheating on you – bottom line

Ultimately, the top 10 ways to know your man is cheating mentioned above, should provide some good
groundwork.Finding this out will give you the chance to squash the relationship before you get squashed yourself!

Note: the tips above are clues that may indicate that your man is cheating on you. That said, none of them are enough to absolutely know that he’s cheating on you. We here at Top10Ways.org are pro-dialogue, and therefore recommend talking to your man openly about all of this before jumping to conclusions or telling him to “hit the road”:) 

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