Top 10 Ways To Pleasure Your Man

Top 10 Ways To Pleasure Your Man

top 10 ways to pleasure your man!

Men are said to be easily aroused. However, if you really want to know how to pleasure your man, then you need to consider arousing all of his senses.

Here are our top 10 ways to pleasure your man:

10. Smells and Aromas
Note: Before you read on, keep in mind some of the following content is adult material. We don’t mean to offend anyone, so we apologize in advance for any negative karma this article may pass on:)

Long before he sees you, let him smell you. His sense of smell will have him reacting before he sees you. You will catch him off guard with room sprays and candles that greet him at the doorway.

9. Up-close Smells
Obviously, body odors are a no-no. Make sure you use a perfume that he likes. Also, body sprays do come with pheromones infused into them.

8. Casual Delight of Sight
Guys love to see their women in their clothes. The sight of a woman casually dress in his oversized (for her frame) t-shirt and nothing else but her panties is pure delight for guys.

7. Eye-Boggling Fantasy
Another way to pleasure your man’s sense of sight is lingerie. Just make sure you know his taste. If you don’t know his taste, avoid the leopard print, peek-a-boo body suit for now. Lacy, classic elegance is always a bit hit.

6. Tasty Meal-time Tease
Now that you have his attention in his t-shirt or lingerie, sit him down to a meal. The meal is just to make him
wait, by the way. Tease him through the whole meal!

5. Aphrodisiacs Anyone?
Strawberries are elegant, sensual aphrodisiacs, not to mention they go great with champagne and sweet wines. Hand feed him yourself for that extra special touch.

4. Pleasing to the Ears
When it comes to all the different ways of how to pleasure your man, the sense of hearing often gets left out.
Soft, sensual music in the background really sets the stage for romance.

3. Stage #2 for the Ears
Once you’re ready for some serious play time, some guys find it erotic to hear soft sexual sounds in the
background. Erotic movies do not have to be seen to turn him on; just the mere sounds can do the trick.

2. Touchy! Touchy!
Set your man down for a fingertip massage. Make sure you hit all his arousal points: lips, ears, jawline, neck,
chest, sides, inner thighs and ankles before focusing attention on his throbbing manliness.

1. Oral Stimulus

Guys like attention! They especially like attention when it’s oral. Focus your attention on his manliness with
your hands and mouth. Add flavored oils and he’s a goner! Oral stimulus is the best tip in list of the top 10 ways
to pleasure your man.

Top 10 ways to pleasure your man – bottom line

So there you have it, ladies and gents. There is your top 10 ways to pleasure your man. We challenge you to add to your personal list of best ways to pleasure your man.

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