Top 10 Ways To Save Electricity

Top 10 Ways To Save Electricity

Top 10 Ways to Save Electricity (and Money)

With energy conservation becoming a hot topic, there is increasing importance to leading a low carbon footprint life. Most of us don’t realize just how much electricity we waste every day – from driving to work, eating a steak for lunch or watching TV at home. Besides the ecological aspect, there is also a financial aspect to this: Think of every electrical device as an object that burns money. Though this image is a bit extreme, it’s true. Many people put the blame on their utility company after getting high electricity bills, but the solution lies within ourselves. Simply put – most of us waste more electricity than we need to. There are however some simple things you can incorporate in your daily life which will help you save electricity.

Here are our top 10 ways to save electricity.

10. Go for CFL

Save electricity with CFL

Compact fluorescent lamps

CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp, usually the spiral shaped bulbs you see. These eco-friendly bulbs don’t require heat to light up (as opposed to normal bulbs), hence needing only a quarter of the power that normal bulbs need.

9. Bare The Heat!

Stop whining and bear the heat. Use a hand fan and fan yourself instead of turning on the air conditioner. Don’t like this tip? At least make sure to turn off your AC when you are not at home. Air Conditioning is an electricity gobbler. Sparing its use can save you literally hundreds of dollars.

8. Sleep In The Dark

Are you used to falling asleep in front of the TV? Try and make sure to turn off the lights and the TV before, as the electricity you waste can sum up.

top 10 ways to save electricity7. Time Outside Lights

Number 7 on our top 10 ways to save electricity is to turn off the outside lights at night. If you have security concerns, install a timing device to set it to light for only 4 hours or so.

6. Watch The Fridge

Set the fridge to a medium level and not overly cold (overly cold fridges tend to ruin the fruits and veggies and turn milk into a Popsicle), and remember to always shut its door. This is number 6 on our top 10 ways to save electricity.

5. Adjust Your Water Heater

If possible, bathe in cold water. If you really can’t stand the cold, adjust the temperature down to at least 110 degrees. Limit usage of water heater, or shorten your shower time. This will really help you save up to hundreds of dollars a year.

4. Turn Off Your PC!

Number 4 on our list of the top 10 ways to save electricity is to shut down your computer when you are not using it. A lot of people tend to leave their computer on from simple laziness, even when its not in use.

3. Proper Insulation

Number 3 of the top 10 ways to save electricity is to properly insulate the linings of your air conditioning and heating system. This makes it much more energy efficient.

2. Hang Dry

AC’s are electricity gobblers. So are Dryers. Instead of using your dryer, stop being lazy and hang dry your clothes!

1. Turn off Unused Plugs

And finally, number one on out top 10 ways to save electricity is to unplug appliances that aren’t in use. A small amounts of energy still runs when you leave things plugged in, and this can accumulate throughout the year to a hefty price.

Top 10 ways to save electricity- Bottom Line

Saving electricity is important not only because it will lower your bills, but also because you’re saving the environment by lowering your  ecological footprint. Plus you’re setting a good example to those around you. Follow the top 10 ways to save electricity above and you’ll have more cash in your pocket and feel great about yourself!

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  1. stevewaclo@yahoo.com

    Regarding heating cost, sealing air leaks,should be at the top of the list.

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