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If you have any ideas or suggestions, give us a shout. Seriously. we’re looking for any input you think might make our site better!

Also, we’re actively looking for writers to help contribute to our content making it even more amazing than it currently is! If you’re interested in joining the party and contributing to our article base, just copy and paste your article in the form below. Add a quality link for reference and we’ll happily embed it in our content as credit for you – our contributor.

Several guidelines:

  • Articles should be at least 350 words long.
  • Articles should list “Top 10 Ways to…” in reverse order, from 10 to 1 (1 being the highest rank).
  • Articles can be about anything that isn’t perceived by some as evil (No violence or porn please).
  • All lists should have a short introduction and (preferably) a summary (AKA “Top 10 ways to… bottom line“).
  • Be original – we don’t publish content from other websites.
  • Be clear – this includes spelling, grammar and content clarity.
  • Quality is king – look to send us articles with real added value.

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Note: By submitting your list, you agree that Top10Ways.org has the full right to publish your list and that you are the author of this list. Furthermore, you agree that once your submitted list is published on Top10Ways.org Shamir Ozery (representing Top10Ways.org) becomes the sole owner of all copyright, and publishing and other rights related to the list content. Unless specific permission is granted to the author, we do not allow republishing of articles that are submitted to Top10Ways.org. This means you cannot publish your accepted submission on any other site without our permission.

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